Country I.T. Computers

Country I.T. Computers



Tired of an outdated PABX Office phone Country I.T.




  • Your PABX phone system is hosted in the cloud meaning you can deply your phones anywhere you have stable internet
  • Easily create phone networks at different sites
  • Unleash the flexibility of 3CX with Ring Groups, Digital Assistants, On hold messages, Message to email and much more.
  • We support the solution we sell and have a managed support arrangement that is both affordable and helpful
  • Scale your solution as you grow. Need an extra inbound line, no problems, Need extra handsets..done, Need more grunt for your Cloud PABX..Easy
  • Country I.T. bill your calls, PABX and support all in one monthly statement with agreed pricing before you begin.

We have a large range of handsets available from the leading VOIP manufacturer Yealink


Country I.T. are a partner with the world class PABX software 3CX. 



We host your new 3CX PABX with none other then Google with more then  99.9% up time.